Android Pay coming to US on August 26th, according to McDonald's

It's hard to get super excited about mobile payments, but Android Pay will give a large number of folks a new way to pay for things. A new document from McDonald's unearthed by Android Police shows that the restaurant chain is preparing its employees to accept Android Pay starting on August 26th. Separately, another employee posted a photo on Reddit showing a similar document. For its part, Google has only said that Android Pay will arrive at the same time as Android 6 "Marshmallow," but has yet to reveal the date.

The document could be old or premature, however. It also shows that Samsung Pay will arrive on August 21st, and several weeks ago Samsung said that its payment system would come on September 28th. The fact that August 26th is just days away and Google has no Android M event scheduled casts further doubt. That said, McDonald's would be one of Google's largest partners and the notice has appeared in multiple locations. When it does arrive, it will work in a similar way to Apple Pay -- you just select the credit card you want to pay with, and tap your phone to the terminal to make the NFC handshake. After that, Android Pay will create a one-time credit card number for each transaction, preventing anyone from stealing your credentials.