'Bit.Trip' limited vinyl soundtrack loaded with killer indie games

Updated ·1 min read

The folks over at iam8bit have been knocking it out of the park pretty regularly. Earlier this year they released the absolutely gorgeous vinyl edition of the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack, an equally beautiful video-game world map and during ComicCon the outfit unveiled the limited edition soundtrack for Battletoads on wax. The latest project looks like it could be just as special: a "greatest chips" collection of games and music from the the lovely (and unapologetically difficult) indie series Bit.Trip. While the multi-colored bullseye picture disc and fancy Drew Wise album art are cool enough on their own, it's the digital offerings packed in that are pretty awesome in and of themselves. In addition to the aforementioned accoutrements, the $25 asking price also nets you download codes for each of the seven Bit.Trip games and their full soundtracks. It's a circus of value!

That's a solid price for a ton of rad music (including Anamanaguchi's epic "Mermaid") and charming, inventive games. So even if you're just a fan of chiptune, limited records -- this one caps out at 1,500 copies -- or iam8bit itself, it's a win-win especially if you haven't played the games prior. Pre-orders open at 10 am PDT this Wednesday and they should ship out early December.