'Splatoon' is getting a 61-tune soundtrack in Japan

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Jon Fingas
August 25, 2015 9:04 PM
'Splatoon' is getting a 61-tune soundtrack in Japan

If you've even had a small taste of Splatoon, you know that the inky shooter is defined as much by its upbeat, irreverent music as its bright, Nickelodeon-circa-1995 visuals. Nintendo clearly knows this, too -- it's planning to release Splatune, a whopping 61-song original soundtrack. Most of it (37 tracks) will be straight-up music, but there will also be 10 jingles and 14 pieces based on sound effects. That's a lot, especially when you consider that many big-name movies don't get such a lavish treatment. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny to an importer if you want a copy, though. Nintendo is releasing Splatune as a ¥3,200 ($27) two-disc album in Japan (where CDs are still huge) on October 21st, and there's no word yet on a release elsewhere.

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