Web tool measures your Reddit friends' bigotry


Let's face it: while Reddit is a great overall place to visit, some of its users are nicer than others. But how do you discover this without creeping histories or lurking in unsavory subreddits? An unofficial web tool, Free Reddit Check, might just help. The website attempts to quantify the homophobia, racism and sexism of Reddit users based on both what they say as well as the subreddits they frequent. Want to find out if a friend's off-color remark is just an isolated incident or a part of a larger pattern? This might help.

Of course, this kind of tool isn't perfect. It's possible to be horribly bigoted without using the kinds of slurs that raise red flags, and even the most vitriolic people can lower their "terrible" score if they make positive contributions in mainstream subreddits. Still, this might serve as a good cursory screening for potential Reddit buddies -- you can find out if someone's pleasant behavior in one area is really a mask for their hatred in another.