Recommended Reading: Should we be concerned robots will take our jobs?

Billy Steele
B. Steele|08.29.15

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Billy Steele
August 29, 2015 9:30 AM
Recommended Reading: Should we be concerned robots will take our jobs?

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Robots Will Steal Our Jobs, But They'll Give Us New Ones
by Cade Metz

With all the advances in automation and robotic technology, should we be worried that robots will replace us? Well, while they might take some of our jobs, they'll also give us new ones. This piece from Wired offers a look at the future as we learn to live with AI, presenting a strong case that it may not be as dire as the critics predict.

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The Rise and Fall of a Bitcoin Kingpin
David Kushner, Rolling Stone

Here's the story of how Mark Karpeles, the head of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, became the "accidental emperor" of the digital currency before it all came crashing down.

The Truth About Uber's Background Checks
Sarah Kessler, Fast Company

Uber does conduct background checks on its drivers, but are they complete? District attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco say no.

'Team Fortress 2:' Valve's Secret Guinea Pig
Tom Curtis, Gamasutra

While this is a shorter read, it does offer a glimpse at how important Team Fortress 2 is for Valve as a whole.

The Way GCHQ Obliterated The Guardian's Laptops May Have Revealed More Than It Intended
Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

When the GCHQ, Britain's version of the NSA in the US, ordered reporters at The Guardian's London HQ to wipe computers that held top-secret docs, the agency uncovered a lot more.

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Recommended Reading: Should we be concerned robots will take our jobs?