Amazon Echo now supports shared Google calendars

Amazon's odd but intriguing Echo personal assistant / speaker has received a number of useful updates throughout its short lifespan, and today Amazon announced a few more tweaks to the device. If you're a Google Calendar user, the Echo now supports shared calendars, whereas before it could only pull in details from calendars that were owned by your personal account. In the Amazon Alexa app, you enter your Google Calendar details; from there, you can pick specific shared calendars to add to the Echo. That way, when you ask the Echo what's on your schedule, it'll only tell you things that are on the calendars you selected.

And as a follow-on to the SmartThings home automation integration that Amazon announced a few weeks ago, the company says that the Echo will now work with the Scout Alarm home security system. Neither of these updates are ground-breaking additions to the Echo, but it's definitely encouraging to see Amazon continue to expand and enhance the Echo's features -- the more support Amazon can provide for it, the more chance it has of becoming a truly useful and ubiquitous part of our homes.