Adblock Browser officially launches on iOS and Android

Matt Brian
M. Brian|09.08.15

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Adblock Browser officially launches on iOS and Android

With more than 400 million desktop installations in its pocket, it was only a matter of time until Adblock Plus became available on mobile devices. Eyeo, the company behind the extension, first tested the water back in 2013, but when Google pulled the app, it decided that incorporating its filters into Adblock Browser was the best way to go. After months of testing, the app has finally launched on iOS and Android devices, promising to let users "browse fast, safe and free of annoying ads" on their smartphone or tablet.

Like its desktop counterpart, Adblock Browser can block all ads or let users choose to whitelist their favorite sites in order to ensure they continue to receive advertising revenue. It claims to speed up page loads, save data and conserve up to 20 percent of battery life by people choose whether they wish to restrict tracking cookies, malware domains and social media sharing buttons.

The launch comes just a day before Apple holds its latest iPhone event, where it's expected to explain how iOS 9 users will be able to block content from loading in the default browser app. With Adblock's new browser and Apple backing the use of web filters, more mobile users may choose to block ads and impact the income of online publishers as a result.

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Adblock Browser officially launches on iOS and Android