iOS 9's web browser can block annoying ads

Don't like having to wrestle with pop-up ads and similar intrusions when you're browsing the web on your iPhone? You might not have to when iOS 9 rolls around. Apple has quietly let slip that the operating system's version of Safari includes support for content blocking extensions, much like its Mac counterpart -- in other words, it can block ads. You only have to install an app with the right Safari extensions to make cookies, images, scripts and other unwanted material disappear. It's not certain how Apple will police apps with these add-ons, but it's feasible that at least some ad blockers will get approval.

This kind of ad blocking is readily available on Android devices and the desktop, so it's nothing new. However, some ad outfits (including Google) and website owners aren't likely to be happy. Apple's wide-ranging influence in the mobile world could lead to considerably more people blocking ads and hurting revenue. And unlike services such as Adblock, there might not be a white list of ads that are allowed to get through. You probably aren't going to cry a river over the loss of annoying promos in your Safari tabs, but there could be a backlash from content creators.