Opera Mini for Android update saves data without wrecking websites

To date, Opera Mini's data saving on Android has been an all-or-nothing affair: either you visit heavily compressed websites with altered layouts, or... you find another browser. You won't have to make that binary choice going forward, however. An updated version of Opera Mini introduces a "High" compression setting that, despite its name, is less aggressive than the original (now dubbed "Extreme"). It'll still save you precious bandwidth, but it maintains image sizes and allows for such extravagances as video playback. Think of it as a way to overcome a slightly flaky 3G or WiFi connection, rather than a bid to conserve data at all costs. If that sounds like your cup of tea, the new Opera Mini should be available today.

Opera Mini's Extreme data compression (left) versus High (right)

Opera Mini's Extreme compression (left) versus the new High mode (right).