Twitter for Windows 10 gets a 'trending stories' page

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Steve Dent
September 8, 2015 7:03 AM
Twitter for Windows 10 gets a 'trending stories' page

Windows 10 just got a new Twitter app, and while it did get one interesting new feature, other changes merely brought it up -to-date with other versions. For instance, the new app (version 4.1.0) now allows Windows 10 users to quote tweets without wasting valuable characters, a feature that's been around on the web and mobile apps since April. It did get one interesting new feature called "happening now" that shows popular Twitter stories in a grid (above). However, that may need some tweaking, as the stories I saw didn't reflect my interests whatsoever.

The new version still hasn't arrived to Windows 10 mobile, which isn't too surprising since the OS is still in beta. When it does launch officially, however, apps like Twitter are supposed to be "universal" and run across all Windows 10 platforms. Since developers are more inclined to create apps for the huge numbers of Windows 10 desktop users, Microsoft is hoping that the mobile OS will also get reasonably up-to-date software -- the lack of which is its biggest weakness.
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