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Report: the iPhone 6s will get 'always-on' Siri mode

Report: the iPhone 6s will get 'always-on' Siri mode
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|September 9, 2015 2:29 AM

As usual before an Apple event (which is today, in case you've been cave-bound), the rumor mill is churning out new information. We're now hearing that Apple TV will run an all-new operating system called osTV, based on iOS 9, according to 9 to 5 Mac. It'll reportedly carry a similar interface to the current Apple TV, but will sport iOS 9 (and OS X El Capitan) touches like transparency effects. The changes don't sound too drastic, but new Apple TV OS branding that matches watchOS and iOS would be a new development. Apple TV is supposed to also get a new AirBnB app.

Another interesting rumor, again from 9 to 5's Mark Gurman, has it that Siri on the new iPhone 6s will be always-on. Until now, Apple's assistant only used active listening when your iPhone was charging, likely because it was a drain on power. Now, you'll be able to use it anytime without needing to push the 'home" button. In other words, it'll be similar to the way that "OK Google" works on Google Now for Android. Considering the "Hey, Siri" hints in Apple's teaser (above) this info isn't terribly surprising. As for battery life issues, the new iPhone 6s is reportedly a touch thicker than the last model.

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Lastly, there's some new info about configuration and pricing of the (rumored) iPad Pro, a device Apple hopes will further denude the laptop market. The entry level model will have 32GB of storage -- double that of current base iPhones and iPads -- and run a hefty $799. The top end model, with 128GB of storage and LTE will cost $1,129, nearly as much as the MacBook Retina. By contrast, the priciest iPad Air 2 with LTE costs $829 right now.

Along with today's rumors, there has been plenty of other information leaked about the iPhone launch, as summed up here. Apple has verified none of this officially, of course, so don't plan your life around the information. Even if the rumors are accurate, there's still much to learn about Apple's incoming products -- so, be sure to tune in at 1 PM EST for our liveblog and extensive coverage.

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Report: the iPhone 6s will get 'always-on' Siri mode