Playdate: Chatting with the developers of 'Tearaway Unfolded'

Want a game with adorable stylized visuals and quirky gameplay mechanics that defy convention? Play Tearaway. Oh, you don't have a PlayStation Vita? Okay fine -- let us introduce you to Tearaway Unfolded, the high definition PS4 remake of Media Molecule's papercraft platformer. Not only will Tim Seppala and I will be streaming this stylized beauty at 3:30PM ET (12:30PM PT) right here, on the Engadget gaming homepage and at, but we'll be doing it with Media Molocule's Rex Crowle. Join us, as we ask the developer how they folded this Vita game into a PS4 masterpiece.

Playdate: Talking with the Creators of 'Tearaway Unfolded'

[We're streaming Tearaway Unfolded at 720p through OBS, so rest assured this game will look dramatically better on your PS4 at home.]