Plex will bring its media streaming to Apple TV

Ask some media server users why they don't use an Apple TV, and they'll issue a common refrain: "because it doesn't officially run Plex." Well, that shouldn't be an issue with the new Apple TV. Plex tells ITWorld that it plans to bring its media streaming front end to Apple's latest set-top box through an app. The move should give you access to all of your home's compatible music, photos and videos, not just what you can see from internet streaming services or iTunes clients. That's a big deal when you previously had to jailbreak or otherwise rely on clever workarounds to make Plex work.

The project is still very early, and the Plex team wants to avoid setting expectations until it has a chance to dig into the tvOS developer tools and see exactly what's possible. You probably won't get every wish list feature -- Apple is only integrating universal search on an app-by-app basis, for instance. Even so, this could do a lot to transform the Apple TV into an all-purpose box.