Livescribe launches Moleskine-branded pen-and-notebook bundle

Livescribe is selling a new bundle of products comprised of a Moleskine-branded Livescribe 3 smartpen and tool belt, a Moleskine notebook that works with the device, one-year subscription to Evernote Premium and Livescribe+ apps for iOS and Android. The number of times we've mentioned the Italian brand should tell you that this specifically targets its fans. After all, it costs $230: that's equivalent to the price of a Livescribe 3 pro pack, which already includes a regular writing pad, and a separate Moleskine notebook the company released last year.

From the sound of it, the pen in this bundle doesn't come with extra features the regular version doesn't have: It still sends what you write on the ivory-colored pages to the app and records sounds as pencasts. If you already have the pen and don't mind missing out on the tool belt, that means you can always just grab the Milan-designed notebook from Livescribe's online store. But if you've been wanting (but haven't had the chance) to try the pen-and-journal combo out, you can pre-order the pack from the company's website and expect it on your doorstep later this month or early next.