Moleskine now has Livescribe-compatible notebooks

If you've always wanted to take the plunge and get a Livescribe smartpen but shudder at the thought of giving up your beloved Moleskine notebooks, well, have we got great news for you. Yep, you guessed it: Livescribe has partnered with the iconic paper notebook maker to produce special edition Moleskine notebooks filled with the special Livescribe paper required for the smartpen to do its job. If you don't know already, Livescribe smartpens have the ability to record audio so that they're paired with simultaneously written notes. Different pen models offer different features -- the Sky WiFi pen hooks up to Evernote while the Livescribe 3 uses Bluetooth to sync those notes with a corresponding iOS app. No matter which pen you want however, all will work with the limited edition Moleskine book. It's got the look and feel of traditional Moleskine tomes, complete with elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket (which, incidentally, comes with a handy cheat sheet of smartpen controls). If you want to snag one though, you better act soon -- there's a limited supply and each book will cost you $29.95.