Verizon can't activate your Moto X Pure Edition just yet (update)

Moto X Pure Edition

We hope you didn't rush to snag a Moto X Pure Edition for use on Verizon's network -- you'll be disappointed for the next few days. Early adopters speaking on Reddit and PrepaidPhoneNews say that Big Red is turning down subscribers trying to activate Motorola's giant device. The carrier just can't find the IMEI (the hardware identifier) needed to make things work, according to these reports. It's an odd problem, and a frustrating one when Verizon promised just last week that it would activate the Pure Edition. What gives? Thankfully, we've found out that this is only temporary.

Update (9/17): According to Verizon, activations should be working now, via the website or in-store.

A spokesperson tells us that this extra-large Moto X is "certified and supported" on its network, but that there's an "activation issue" preventing full support. The provider hopes to get everything resolved by September 18th -- somewhat reassuring if you just dropped $399-plus on a smartphone. Still, it's notable that this isn't an issue on GSM-based carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, where switching to an unlocked phone involves little more than popping your SIM card into the new hardware. As much as Verizon might be doing to improve its bring-your-own-phone policies, it still has a lot of work left to do.