A peek inside the new iPad Mini 4 reveals how it got so thin

The super-sized iPad Pro may have been the star of last week's festivities, but what about the iPad Mini 4? It brings the first major update to the line in a couple of years, and of course, the folks at iFixit wasted no time cracking one open. The spec sheet showed it's both thinner and lighter than the version it's replacing, and now we know what had to change to make that happen. First, the battery is a little smaller, at 5124mAh compared to the iPad Mini 3's 6471mAh. It's still rated for the same 10 hour runtime by Apple, but worth considering if you're looking to upgrade. It also has a fused, fully laminated display that helps a lot with weight, but could it make it more expensive to replace if it breaks. Whether you're considering its DIY potential or just curious about exposed wiring, check out the full teardown to see what's hiding within.

iPad Mini 4 Teardown