CyanogenMod now supports more mid-range Huawei, Motorola phones

Cyanogen's partnership with OnePlus may be over, but the company is still hard at work to make sure its namesake Android ROM will run on just about everything else. According to a new post on the company blog, its been working with device manufactures like Xiaomi, Motorola, Oppo and others to extend official support to a wider array of mid-range Android handsets -- and it has a list of devices to prove it.

Specifically, Cyanogen says it now supports both the 2015 Moto E and G, Xiaomi's Mi3w and Mi4 handsets, a new handset from up-and-coming European manufacturer WileyFox and a whole mess of phones (and variants) from Samsung, HTC and LG -- all of which can be viewed and searched in Cyanogen's officially-supported device wiki. This update also marks the first time since CyanogenMod 7 (we're on 12 now, for those of you who are counting) that it's been able to officially support a Huawei device. "It's nice to see the company supporting the community ahead of the rumored Huawei Nexus," Cyanogen wrote, noting support for the Huawei Honor 4 and 4x, Ascend Mate 2 and Snapto. "We're expecting good things here."

The company seems proud of its expanded support for mid-range devices, but says flagship handsets (teasing the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6 and LG G4) are still being worked on. Either way, it's good news if you want an affordable phone with CyanogenMod, but aren't quite ready to go all-in on OnePlus' original handset.