Jeb Bush would try to kill net neutrality if elected president

GOP Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Campaigns In Las Vegas

We already know presidential hopeful Jeb Bush thinks that net neutrality rules are the "craziest ideas," but should he make it to the Oval Office he wants to take that disdain one step further. Once he's holed up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he'll make moves to eliminate the regulations keeping the internet equal for everyone, according to Bloomberg. Bush isn't straying too far from Republican party lines in that sense given that the GOP prides itself on the idea of smaller government, but considering that he wants to increase the amount of oversight and access the NSA has under the Patriot Act, his definition of "limited" seems pretty flexible.

The report also mentions that Bush has an eye to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency's effort to regulate the second largest type of industrial waste, coal ash, in addition to cutting President Obama's clean power plan. You could say these temporary bits of craziness are caused by the pot he smoked 40 years ago, but then again this is the same guy who unwittingly released eight years worth of people's personal info in an email dump not that long ago, too. Wait...

[Image credit: Getty Images]