Photoshop and Premiere Elements 14 add editing tools and 4K support

You can pretty much mark your calendars for it. Every year in mid to late September, Adobe reveals its annual update for Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. This year is no different as version 14 of the consumer-focused photo and video-editing apps was just announced. While Adobe was careful to fine-tune existing features for the software duo, it also tacked on a handful of new features. In Photoshop Premiere Elements 14, there are tools that removes the blur caused by camera shake with a click and easily rid landscape shots of unwanted haze (see above image). With Premiere Elements 14, you can now view and edit 4K footage to keep those vacation videos looking top notch. If you're looking to give the pair a go, both apps will be available for $150 total when they're ready for action in Q4 of this year. For beginners, that cost is significantly lower than Adobe's more robust Creative Cloud subscription.