iMovie for iOS is ready to handle your 4K video editing

iMovie on the iPad Pro and iPhone 6s

If you're determined to produce a 4K masterpiece on an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or iPad Pro, you now have one of the tools you need to get the job done. Apple has delivered an iMovie update that switches on 4K editing for its most powerful iPhones and iPads, giving you an easy (though not professional-grade) way to edit extra-sharp videos on the move. You can't capture 4K on the iPad Pro, alas, but it's powerful enough to edit multiple 4K streams. The giganto-tablet also has room for a larger media browser and a video viewer that shows every single pixel of a 1080p clip.

Those aren't the only improvements, either. You can use 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus to start movies from the home screen, and you can pair a keyboard with your device (including the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard) to use some handy shortcuts. iMovie will also accept 1080p videos at a glass-smooth 60 frames per second (on an iPhone 6 or newer). And if you're already running iOS 9, it'll do iPad multitasking through the iMovie extension for Photos. This upgrade won't really live up to its potential unless you pick up one of Apple's latest gadgets, but you'll still want to download it if you're an iOS device owner with cinematic ambitions.