Here's where you're most likely to take an Instagram photo

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Certain locations are obviously Instagram photo magnets, like the Golden Gate Bridge or Times Square. Have you wondered which locations are actually the most popular, though? Busbud has done some legwork to find out. The tourism site recently published an interactive map that shows the most popular locations on Instagram in each US state and Canadian province... and they're not necessarily the ones you're expecting. It makes sense that Disneyland would be a hotspot for Californians, for example, but you might not know that Dollywood gets the most attention in Tennessee -- sorry, Elvis.

The data also reveals which location types lure the most shutterbugs. It won't shock you to hear that parks top the list in the US, but you probably didn't expect wineries and vineyards to be close behind. Also, North Americans don't share the same tastes -- Canadians are fonder of landmarks and historic sites. Yes, this info is a not-so-subtle plug for Busbud's ticket-finding service, but it might prove helpful if you're wondering what to visit when you're in unfamiliar territory.

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