Microsoft's Lumia 550 offers entry-level Windows 10 for $140

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Microsoft's Lumia 550 offers entry-level Windows 10 for $140

Back when Lumia phones were under Nokia's charge, the 5-series was a budget-friendly range. Nothing's changed now that Microsoft is in control, as the freshly announced Lumia 550 will attest. As you might expect, the spec-sheet likely won't start any fires, but the price might: $140. The Lumia 550 barely got any stage time at the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event (that went to the two new flagships), but we did hear it sports a quad-core processor, and LTE -- much in line with the rumors we'd heard (and pictured above).

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The rest of the main features should include a 5-inch HD display, 5MP/2MP cameras, 8GB of storage (with support for microSD), and a 1,905mAh battery. Perhaps the biggest deviation from the Lumia 520 and 530 (the first Lumia under Microsoft) that came before is the larger screen -- up from a modest four inches in previous models to a rather more contemporary five.

We'll update this article once more information is available.

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