Amazon-owned Twitch finally overhauls its Fire TV app

You'd think that since Amazon owns Twitch, Fire TV devices would be the lead platform for its apps but that isn't the case. However, the latest update for the streaming service favored by gamers on Bezos' set-top box is pretty significant and mirrors a lot of what's available on the console and mobile apps. It even outdoes them in a few ways. Of course you can watch plenty of live streams and the top games being played, but the update also brings in profile pages so you can check out exactly who those broadcasters are and check out their archived videos while you're at it.

There's apparently a quick-selection tool for emojis too, so accessing Kappa and FrankerZ at a moment's notice should be pretty easy. Oh, the Twitch blog post says that 1080p support for newer Fire TV devices is on the table as well, in addition to being able to log in with your own account. It all sounds pretty basic, but the app was really lacking up to this point. Interested? Hit the Amazon Appstore to check it out for yourself.