Lumo's running shorts fix your form to avoid injury

Lumo is a wearable company that's already conquered the world of bad posture, so now it's moving on to helping runners avoid injury. The company is launching the Lumo Run, a pair of shorts with a small plastic doodad on the waistband that can monitor your biomechanics as you sprint around the block. Biomechanics, if you're not a runner, is fancy talk for our cadence, stride length and pelvic rotation -- all factors that you'd otherwise have to visit a specialist running center to learn more about. It's a similar set of tools that Myontec offer with its MBody fitness shorts, although that product will cost you the better part of $1,000. By comparison, Lumo's offering will retail for just $149 when it lands in the Spring of 2016.

As you run, the companion app will push detailed stats to your smartphone including how long your feet are touching the ground, your braking and bounce. In addition, the software can push audio coaching to give you on-the-fly advice on how to improve your technique and avoid pulling a muscle. If that sounds like something that you think will help you stick to that New Year's Resolution, there's some hefty pre-order discounts available. If you want to grab the male version of the gear, you'll be able to grab it for $99, while the female capri pants edition is priced at $119 for a limited time only.