Lyft partners with Hertz to offer its drivers affordable rental rates

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Roberto Baldwin
October 8, 2015 2:37 PM
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Lyft partners with Hertz to offer its drivers affordable rental rates

If you've been trying to become a driver for Lyft, but your car doesn't meet the minimum requirements (like having four doors), the company has a solution. It's partnered with Hertz car rentals for what it's calling "affordable" daily, weekly, and monthly rates. In addition to giving new drivers a chance to earn some extra cash, the partnership is also meant to help current drivers stay on the road when their vehicle is in the shop or is otherwise unavailable. A pilot program has already launched in Las Vegas. At the driver event this morning, the ride-sharing platform also announced a partnership with Shell for a cents-per-gallon gas rewards program. Drivers get a unique PIN code that offers fuel discounts depending on how often they fill up. The more gas they use, the cheaper the fuel. Power drivers could earn free gasoline with the system. It's launching in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston and will be available at all Shell stations nationwide by the end of the year.

Just to keep the driver love going, the company also announced a product for immediate cash-out of funds. Express Pay will transfer funds from a driver's account into their bank account if they have a minimum balance of $50. The new insta-cash feature will launch at the beginning of November.

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Lyft is keen on working with other companies for the benefit of its drivers and customers. It recently partnered with Starbucks to help riders earn coffee. It also teamed up with Didi in China so customers of both platforms can hail rides while in either country using the app they're accustomed to.

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