Hulu's virtual reality app will launch alongside Gear VR in November

Oculus and Samsung's first fully-fledged virtual reality product, the Gear VR, is set to launch in November for $99. A host of apps have been announced to work with the new hardware, and now we have confirmation that Hulu's VR app will be ready to go when the Gear VR launches. As reported by CNET, Hulu head of distribution Tim Connolly says that the company's app is "ready to go" for the Gear VR launch. As for what that app will offer, traditional 2D content will be available, but the company is also experimenting with "enhanced" 2D content -- like watching Seinfeld in Jerry's apartment, for example.

The company is also creating a native VR film called The Big One, and the company may also commission pure virtual reality series that can only be experienced through products like Gear VR. As for Gear VR itself, it'll work with all of Samsung's flagship devices -- the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 and Galaxy S6+ when it launches this November.