App-controlled habitat grows just about anything in your home

The Biopod Terra in action

You can already get smart gardening gear and smart aquariums, but wouldn't it be nice if you could get one box that handles just about anything you'd care to grow in or around your home? Jared Wolfe thinks so. His crowdfunded, internet-connected Biopod can nurture many kinds of plants and animals in its automatically controlled habitat. All you have to do is pick the kind of environment you want through a mobile app, and the Biopod can do the rest -- it regulates factors like the humidity, light, temperature and even artificial rainfall. While it won't feed your pets, a built-in camera lets you keep track of what your creatures are doing while you're away.

How much it costs you depends on your horticultral or zoological ambitions. If you just need a simple habitat for a small garden or easy-to-maintain animals, a $279 CAD ($205 US) or higher pledge will get you a Biopod One. Plunk down $289 CAD ($215 US) and you'll get a Biopod Aqua that can handle fish and aquaponics, while $329 CAD ($240 US) will score a Biopod Terra that supports larger land-based projects. You should get your mini environment as soon as December if all goes according to plan, so you may not have to wait long before your exotic herbs and lizards can live in phone-controlled comfort.