Vudu finally delivers 1080p HDX movies on Android devices

One of the best features of Vudu's movie service has always been its high quality video, and now you can view it on mobile devices. The latest version of Vudu for Android brings a native interface for the first time that's far easier to use and looks better on screens of all sizes, as well as the ability to play HD (720p) and HDX (1080p) quality streams or downloads. That's a feature that's still not available on iPhones and iPads, but it should work on "select" Lollipop or higher devices (read: capable of high-res video and the accompanying DRM).

Vudu already supported HDX via Chromecast and on PCs, but so far it looks like this app isn't set for Android TV devices, just phones and tablets. The full changelog also reveals it finally has an easier-to-use portrait mode for phones, and auto filling search suggestions. We tried it out and the new HD videos worked fine on a Galaxy Note 4, but not a (rooted) OnePlus One -- we didn't spot a compatibility list so you'll have to try it out yourself to know for sure which devices work.

Update: The post originally stated HD/HDX is supported by select Jellybean devices, which is incorrect, it requires Lollipop (5.0) or higher.