Volvo's first fully electric car will arrive in 2019

Volvo's been bullish about self-driving vehicles, but it's much more coy when it comes to electric cars. The company's latest XC90 has a hybrid edition, and there's an existing V60 plug-in, but nothing fully electric. Finally, the Swedish auto-maker is ready to go all in, confirming an all-electric vehicle will go on sale in 2019, plus plans to offer hybrid versions of every car in its range, alongside a new "series 40" range of smaller electrified cars. That's still quite a wait for the full EV, and the hybrids might not show up until 2017, but as the Wall Street Journal suggests, Volvo might have been spurred on to make the announcement by the recent VW scandal around diesel engines.

There aren't many details about what the planned all-electric Volvo would look like, but reports suggest a saloon, similar in size to the S60, with a range of over 300 miles -- putting it up against Tesla's 2016 Model 3. However it turns out, Volvo's chief executive, Hakan Samuelsson, seems confident people are ready for more than a little spark in their Scandinavian wagons, predicting 10-percent of Volvo sales will come from "electrified" version over the next 24 months.