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Vudu starts streaming 4K movies to the Roku 4

Vudu's 1080p HDX streams were once considered high quality for streaming movies over the internet, (now they're even watchable on phones) but in the last year Amazon and Netflix surpassed them with 4K resolution and even HDR. Now Vudu is stepping up its game with some 4K flicks, currently available only through the new Roku 4. For the moment it has 12 movies viewable in 4K (check the list after the break), with prices of $10 for a rental and $25 - $30 to purchase. According to Vudu, you'll need an 11Mbps connection to stream the high-res versions that it's marked Vudu UHD. The option will be coming to other platforms including Vizio's 4K TVs soon, and for the ones that can handle it, there's support for HDR and Atmos surround sound too.

1. San Andreas
2. Man of Steel
3. Edge of Tomorrow
4. The Lego Movie
5. Magic Mike XX
6. Jupiter Ascending
7. Sherlock Holmes
8. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
9. The Great Gatsby
10. Into the Storm
11. Focus
12. Run All Night