Blizzard rolls out voice chat starting with 'Overwatch'

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Blizzard has been in the online gaming business for decades with massively popular games like StarCraft and World of Warcraft, but it's never implemented a native voice-chat system in its client. Now, it appears that's about to change. Blizzard is testing out voice chat in the beta for its new team-based shooter, Overwatch, and it sounds like the studio has plans to eventually launch voice chat for all of its games. In the Overwatch beta FAQ, Blizzard calls the system " voice chat," rather than something Overwatch-specific. Plus, it notes, "With voice chat still in its early development and testing stages, it's too early to say which Blizzard games will be supported and when." Prepare your vocal cords, players: The Overwatch closed beta begins on October 27th.

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