The BBC wants to right Hollywood's 'Golden Compass' wrongs

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The Golden Compass was a critical flop, but thankfully Philip Pullman's epic trilogy of fantasy books, His Dark Materials, is being given another shot on TV. The BBC has commissioned an eight-part series based on the complete works, which will be made in Wales by Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema. The story begins with Lyra, an orphan that lives in a parallel world and finds herself swept up in a mystery surrounding strange "Dust" particles. She eventually encounters Will, a boy from our world, and the pair go on an epic adventure spanning countless cities and creatures. A TV mini-series should give the producers more space to explore the characters and their relationships. One concern, however, is the budget -- aside from Doctor Who, the BBC hasn't delivered many fantasy TV shows on the level of, say, Game of Thrones. His Dark Materials covers a dizzying number of worlds that, without the proper funding, could be rather tricky to pull off.

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