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Netflix will produce original Bollywood and anime programs

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced the service will offer more original content in 2016, including Bollywood and anime programming. During his talk with New York Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin at the DealBook conference, he said that the company is always looking at new ways to introduce unique shows that other streaming services don't have. Next year Netflix is looking to spend around $5 billion on content alone and since it launched in Japan on September 2, there's never been a better time to broaden the scope of programming with an international focus.​ What type of Bollywood or anime programs will Netflix release? Hastings didn't mention specifically, only noting that it has taken risks before and they've paid off (like Narcos, for example). Get ready for longer bouts of aimless scrolling on nights you're feeling indecisive.

[Image credit: Getty Images for New York Times]