Break out your paintbrushes again: Twitch launches Bob Ross Mondays

When Bob Ross began painting happy trees and sunlit fields on public television in 1983, there was no such thing as Twitch, no online streaming and certainly no KappaRoss. But now, there's Bob Ross Mondays on Twitch. The streaming site will air The Joy of Painting, Ross' beloved show, every Monday from 3PM PST to 9:30PM PST, starting tonight. Isn't life in the future grand?

The new Monday-night special follows an extremely successful all-episodes marathon of The Joy of Painting that Twitch ran from the end of October through November 6th. That marathon, hosted on Twitch Creative, attracted 5.6 million unique views and saw a peak of 183,000 concurrent viewers. As it turns out, happy trees are timeless.

Since there are 31 seasons of The Joy of Painting, the Monday-night marathons will repeat every seven months (not too shabby). Twitch broadcasters are allowed to re-stream every Bob Ross special, meaning they can create landscape masterpieces alongside The Joy of Painting with their own commentary and on their own channels. Plus, every year starting on Ross' birthday, October 29th, Twitch will re-air the all-episodes marathon. Proceeds from the weekly show will go to the Bob Ross rights holders, San Fransisco arts non-profit Root Division, the St. Jude cancer research organization, and Twitch Creative efforts.