Watch all of Bob Ross' 'The Joy of Painting' on Twitch

To celebrate the Bob Ross' birthday, streaming video outfit Twitch has secured the rights to broadcast all 403 episodes of the well-coiffed artist's The Joy of Painting series. The magic runs for a week, starting today, over at Ross' Twitch channel, and is part of a bigger announcement: Twitch Creative is partnering with Adobe as a launch sponsor, and the category's getting its own homepage that'll highlight, well, folks painting and doing other creative stuff on the service. What's more, the fledgling Music category's getting brought over under the Creative umbrella, so there's a good chance you could log on and see Deadmau5 making his next electronic track on the homepage soon.

This marks the next big evolution of Twitch, going from life-casting service, to doubling down on gaming for Twitch, to music and now something bigger and broader. Where will it go from here? That's anyone's guess at this point. In the meantime, enjoy some of Ross' PBS-based show below.

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[Image credit: Wikimedia Commons]