Razer's Android TV box quietly leaves Google's store

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Jon Fingas
November 12th, 2015
Razer's Android TV box quietly leaves Google's store

You may have thought that Razer's Forge TV was hot stuff back at CES, but it's not clear that the buying public felt the same way. Google has quietly stopped selling the Android TV set-top on its official store -- swing by its product page and you'll find that it's "no longer available for purchase." It's not certain that Razer has discontinued the media hub altogether, but things don't look good when its own store only lets you sign-up for in-stock alerts. We've reached out to Razer to get the full scoop on this disappearance.

It won't be completely shocking if Forge TV is already gone. As Android Police points out, the device never really got the long-term support people were hoping for. The mouse-and-keyboard combo didn't launch, and software updates have been virtually non-existent. You can't even use the Android TV version of Netflix. Razer's acquisition of OUYA suggests that it's still interested in living room media hubs, but the Forge TV might not be one of them.

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