New T-Mobile customers will have to pay more for unlimited data

Nathan Ingraham
N. Ingraham|11.11.15

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New T-Mobile customers will have to pay more for unlimited data

Lost amid the usual T-Mobile hoopla surrounding its latest "Uncarrier" move was a pretty significant price jump for new customers who only need one phone on their plan. Currently, if you go to T-Mobile's site and configure a one-line plan with unlimited data, you'll see it will set you back $80 per month. However, starting on November 15th, a single line with unlimited data will cost $95 per month. That's before any taxes as well as any additional monthly charges you may pay for your phone. This change will come the same day that T-Mobile rolls out its new "Binge On" feature that lets you stream certain video services without it affecting your data cap.

The good news for current customers is that they'll keep their existing price structure, and T-Mobile is also letting customers use 14GB per month of their unlimited data plan for tethering, up from the 7GB it currently offers. Additionally, new customers will get a free video rental from Vudu every month starting in 2016. That doesn't make up for the price increase, but at least it's something.

It's worth noting that if you're looking for a family plan, there's a way to receive the same rate on data that T-Mobile is currently offering. If you're getting multiple lines and all of those lines pick the same data plan, you'll receive a discount. If you pick two lines, each with unlimited data, you'll pay the same $140 per month as you would pay if you signed up for T-Mobile today. A four-line family plan with unlimited data comes in at only $180 per month right now, as T-Mobile is waiving the fees for the fourth line.

There's also some good news if you're not interested in unlimited data, as T-Mobile is giving out more data with its capped plans. Right now, $50 per month total gets you a line with 1GB of LTE data, but as of the 15th that same price will get you 2GB. $65 will get you 6GB of LTE data per month, and 10GB of data will cost $80. Existing customers will see their data plans double, and of course the Binge On plan will be included for all of these customers. Just don't forget that Binge On isn't exactly friendly to net neutrality before you make that deal with the devil.

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