Facebook truce with Google helps you find info on your phone

Facebook and Google are calling a partial truce in their longstanding feud, and that's good news if you've ever tried to track down a contact or status update. As of Friday, Facebook is letting Google index some of the public information within its mobile app, helping you search for that content on your phone. If you find someone's profile on Google, you'll now get a direct link to their page in the app instead of on the web. This won't help if you're looking for anything you'd only see while signed in (such as a privately shared post), but it'll make life a lot easier if you hate jumping back and forth between a browser and Facebook's native software.

The agreement isn't altruistic, of course. Facebook's move increases the odds that you'll stay inside its app and tap on those all-important ads. Google, meanwhile, gives you a stronger reason to use its ad-heavy search engine instead of Facebook's own. Either way, it beats the fenced-off approach of before -- you can find what you want and open it where you want.