Microsoft's Lumia 950 is set for a November 20 launch on AT&T

The wait has been pretty agonizing (for some of you, anyway), but the first batch of Windows 10 phones is almost here. AT&T just announced that it'll be the first -- and possibly only -- carrier in the US to carry the new Lumia 950, which you'll be able order starting tomorrow ahead of a full-blown launch on November 20. Sadly, there's no word on whether AT&T will also carry the slightly bigger, slightly better Lumia 950XL; you might just have to get that thing unlocked straight from Microsoft.

Need a quick recap to prepare you for tomorrow? The regular 950 packs one of Qualcomm's hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chipsets and 3GB of RAM, putting it on even footing with devices like the Moto X Pure edition. Arguably, the Lumia makes even better use of that silicon -- with the help of a separate display dock, you can turn the thing into a tiny PC that meshes with the rest of Windows 10's world with surprising elegance. Throw in a pocket-friendly 5.2-inch WQHD screen and a 20-megapixel that Microsoft claims will outshoot the fan-favorite Lumia 1020 and we're left with one of the most exciting Windows Phones that bear to the Lumia name. Now if only it didn't feel so chintzy -- maybe not the best state of being for a phone that'll set you back $600 without a contract. As always, AT&T will let you split that lump sum into monthly payments for between 20 and 30 months, and it'll throw in a slightly discounted Surface 3 (not a Pro 3, mind you) just to sweeten the deal. Erm, we'd just take the phone if we were you.

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