Ford is bringing Siri to 5 million SYNC-enabled cars

The software update will be available to Ford vehicles sold since 2011.
Matt Brian
M. Brian|12.03.15

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Ford is bringing Siri to 5 million SYNC-enabled cars

Most modern Ford cars come installed with its bespoke infotainment system called SYNC, allowing drivers to make calls and listen to various music streaming apps while keeping their eyes on the road. The system already lets some owners remotely start their car, but it will soon also offer services from an important partner: Apple. Starting today, owners of a Ford vehicle purchased in 2011 or later can download a new software update that will add Siri functionality to their SYNC interface.

One long-press of the voice recognition button on the steering wheel will activate Siri Eyes Free on a connected iPhone. Owners can then choose to make a call, look up phone numbers and local points of interest, set a reminder, learn more about the weather, play music, send text messages (and have them read out) and get directions through Apple Maps. Many of these features are available via Ford's own system, but if you're an Apple user, you might find Siri the more useful assistant.

Ford says the update is available for more than 5 million SYNC-equipped vehicles made in the last four years and can be downloaded via its Owner portal. Owners in Europe are currently required to take their car to their local dealership to have the update installed, although a download will be made available at a later date.

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