Mozilla is removing (some) ads from Firefox

Sponsored content appearing in your virgin tab window is going the way of the dodo.

Associated Press

Whether you still use Firefox or not, the company has some news: It's pulling ads from the Tiles that pop up when a new tab is opened. The company says that the move is the result of learning what its users want (content that's "relevant, exciting and engaging") and that it'll use the free spaces to help enable discovery of said content. But this won't happen overnight. VP of content services Darren Herman writes that Mozilla will of course honor its obligations with its advertising partners and will gradually end the program over the next few months.

Discovery Tiles

"Advertising in Firefox could be a great business, but it isn't the right business for us at this time," Herman says. "We believe that the advertising ecosystem needs to do better." He says that the company's experiments in the area prove that it can be done better. Exactly what the new form of non-intrusive advertising will be is anyone's guess at this point.