Microsoft wants to make your dream HoloLens app

Have a good plan for a holographic Windows app? Microsoft could make it a reality.

Think you have a really good idea for a HoloLens app? Microsoft might just help you build it. The tech giant has launched a Share Your Idea challenge that asks developers to submit their holographic app concepts by January 11th. It'll put the three most "viable" (that is, both good and realistic) ideas to a vote on Twitter, and will build the winner itself. You'll still have to devote some time to the app afterwards if you're successful -- you'll sit in for code reviews and Q&A sessions -- but this should be much easier than writing augmented reality software from scratch.

This isn't a purely altruistic gesture, of course. Microsoft is eager to get as many HoloLens apps as it can, and the winning idea will be open-sourced to serve as an example for others. You're not going to get a fast track to commercial success as a result. All the same, it might be worth submitting your project if you like the idea of holographic apps but can't quite devote the energy need to make your vision a reality.