Amazon lets you attach other video services to your Prime account

Cord-cutters can bundle up Showtime or Starz for $9 per month

Those rumors of Amazon letting you attach other video services to your Prime subscription? They're true. The internet giant just kicked off the Streaming Partners Program, an alliance that makes it easier for you to sign up to multiple video services. So long as you have that Prime subscription, you only need your one Amazon account to handle everything. The option even gives you a multi-service watch list and integration with other Prime features, like ASAP playback, voice search and X-Ray. You also receive a discount on pricing, such as the $9 per month you'll pay for early launch partners Showtime and Starz.

The initial selection likely won't blow you away. Besides the two services mentioned above, most of your current options are either relatively small services like Qello or specialty offerings from larger networks like A&E and AMC. There's no access to HBO Now through Amazon yet, and even the discounted Showtime pricing is only the same amount Hulu charges.

All the same, it's clear that Amazon is positioning itself as a bundle replacement for cord cutters, who often have to sign up at multiple sites or else accept that they'll miss out on some shows. It's not pure kindness on Amazon's part, of course (you're locked into Prime to make this work), but it makes ditching conventional TV for streaming slightly easier -- even if it looks a lot like the cable bundle you just left.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson]