Best Buy knocks $100 off all its Apple Watches

Fueling speculation that it's clearing house in preparation for the Watch 2 next year.

Here are two pieces of information that you might think that it's worth using to draw a conclusion, or not, we won't judge. First up, Best Buy is offering a $100 discount on the Apple Watches that it sells, meaning that you can grab a base-model 38mm Sport for just $249. Second, rumors have emerged claiming that Apple will launch the second-generation of its wearable at an event in March. Now, if you wanted to imply that the retailer is clearing house in preparation for the inevitable refresh, well, that'd entirely be up to you.

It's not the only store that's currently offering deep discounts on Apple Watch models, although others aren't feeling as generous. Target will also sell you a watch for $249, but the $100 discount comes in the form of vouchers that can only be spent at the same retailer. Alternatively, it could just be a way to pep up sales for the holiday season, since sales of the Watch have been remarkably consistent for the last two quarters. Either way, if you've been waiting for a chance to grab one and don't mind the risk of something trumping it in the new year, this is your moment.

[Image Credit: AP Photo / Kiichiro Sato]