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Faraday Future will build its Tesla-fighting EV in Nevada

The 'connected,' 'personalized' electric car it's making is still a mystery.

Carmaker Faraday Future materialized earlier this year with word of significant funding from a Chinese backer and a list of designers that hail from Tesla, BMW, GM and Ferrari. We won't see a concept version of the electric car it's building until CES in a few weeks, but today the company announced where it will build the 2017 model. Following the lead of its supposed competitor Tesla Motors and the Gigafactory, Faraday said its $1 billion facility will be located in Nevada near Las Vegas. In another move mirorring the Tesla announcement, governor Brian Sandoval announced the plant would be a source of jobs for Nevada residents and a boon to the local economy, justifying a $250 million tax incentive.

Faraday Future:

Our seasoned team of leaders includes:

It's promised a vehicle that's 100 percent electric, as well as connected and personalized "in ways you've never even considered." Faraday even claims it will attract tourists from Vegas for plant tours "and other engaging experiences" -- an offer I'm happy to take them up on if it explains exactly what the company is planning. It all sounds good, but with only words and a vague sketch to go by, we'll be waiting on January 4th to see exactly what rolls out on the CES stage.

This is the dawn of tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

A photo posted by Faraday Future (@faradayfuture) on Oct 30, 2015 at 9:24am PDT