Google Play Movies finally adds AirPlay support

You'll need at least a third-generation Apple TV to use it, though.

Cupertino recently announced that the Apple TV has some 2,600 applications in its ecosystem and one of them just got a pretty major update. The app in question is none other than Google Play Movies and TV. The update? AirPlay support. No, you aren't misreading that. It actually happened. If you're heavily invested in Mountain View's entertainment ecosystem (but for whatever reason haven't added a Chromecast to your A/V gear), this should come as pretty welcome news.

Of course, you'll need at least a third-generation Apple TV to use it and the device itself has to be running system software 7.0 or above according to the app's iTunes page. Google also added HD and cellular streaming for good measure and redesigned the app itself. Despite all that though, "Google Play Movies and TV and chill" just doesn't roll off the tongue very naturally.