US officials investigate 'hoverboard' safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to know if self-balancing scooters are safe.

If concern about "hoverboard" safety from airlines, Amazon and the UK wasn't enough, the US government is getting in on the action. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating reports of both fires (10 known so far) and falls (29) to determine whether or not the self-balancing transporters are safe. It'll push for voluntary standards if it finds any systemic problems, but there is the possibility of regulation if the industry doesn't get its act together.

The CPSC says it's racing to complete its investigation, since it knows that boards are popular gifts this year. With that said, it's still going to be pretty late to the party. Any conclusions are likely to come well after legions of people get their boards, and some of the companies (particularly knock-off brands) may not be willing or able to offer recalls. Your best bet at the moment is to shop at Amazon and other places that are promising to carry only US-certified boards.

[Image credit: Getty Images]