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LG hopes OLED TVs are ready for a 'breakout year' with Ultra HD


As much as we like LG's impressive OLED displays, the price has always been a problem. Dropping from $15,000 retail to $3,500 was impressive, but the company knows it will have to do better than that for any kind of mass appeal. The LG Display arm that supplies its screens is promising a slew of new OLED panels at this year's show, and we're expecting they'll end up in LG Electronics TVs on the show floor -- and store shelves. One thing we know is coming is the "Art Slim" concept (pictured after the break), which promises a 65-inch UHD TV that weighs just 35 lbs, coming home this year as LG's UF9500 LCD. CES 2015 will have the first curved 55-inch Ultra HD OLED, plus a few other sizes (like the 65-incher above) and variants between flat and curved. Of course, LG doesn't just make TV screens -- it's also promising a 15-inch touchscreen laptop display that takes the Advanced In-Cell Touch tech from phones and tablets to laptops. Of course, since LG Display is the supplier, we'll have to wait a little longer to find out how much all of these will actually cost once they go on sale.

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