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This pedal tracks both fitness and bike thieves


If bike thievery is an issue in your town, you can ride and rest easy with the Connected Cycle pedal. It has GPRS and GPS built-in to phone home your bike's location whenever it moves, so it can track your fitness, and send a push notification if someone suddenly jumps on your bike. The pedal is a little bulky for cyclists who pride themselves on lightweight bikes, but on the other hand, it never needs charging or a new battery. It charges from the energy of riding, and the team says a one-hour ride is enough to keep it powered for up to a couple of weeks. They've been working on the tech for two years, and plan to release it in a variety of colors with two years of service, for an as-yet unspecified price. In a demo on the show floor everything worked smoothly, with the app easily tracking activity or location. And hey, even if a thief does make off with your bike, you'll have the data to show you still rode a faster split than they did.

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